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A mother tries to provide her daughter with insight into the important things in life, in order to make her life as happy and fulfilling as possible. A mother tries to teach her daughter to be good, always helpful to other people, to be fair, always trusting other people, to have a postitive attitude at all times, to always make things right when they are wrong, to know herself well, to know that her talents are to set goals for herself and not to be afraid of working too hard to reach her goals.

A mother tries to teach her daughter to have many interests to pursue, to laugh and have fun everyday, to appreciate the beauty of nature, to enter into friendships with good people, to honor their friendships and always be a true friend, to appreciate the importance of the family, to particularly respect and love our elder members, also to to use her intelligence at all times, to listen deeply to her emotions, and to adhere to her own moral values.

A mother tries to teach her daughter to not be afraid to stick to her beliefs,to not follow thw majority when the majority is wrong, to carefully plan a life for herself, to vigorousily follow her chosen path, to enter into a relationship with someone worthy of herself, to love this person unconditionally with her body and mind, to share all that she has learned in life with this person.

If I have provided you with an insight into most of these things, then I have succeeded as a mother, in what I hoped to accomplish in raising you. If many of these things slipped by while we were all so busy, I have a feeling you know them anyway. One thing I am sure of, though...I have taught you to be proud of the fact that you are a woman equal to all men and I have loved you every second of your life. I have supported you at all times as a mother, as a person, and as a friend. I will always continue to cherish and love everything about you my beautiful daughter.

~Susan Polis Schutz~







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